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Why Consider a Coach Home for Your Luxury Home in Naples

Aug 30, 2022 | Luxury Living

View of the Pool at the Vyne House

The luxury real estate market in Naples continues to grow, and with that growth, there are also many options to choose from.

When buyers think “luxury,” they usually assume lavish, larger-than-life single-family homes. If a larger-than-life single-family home sounds like too much for your second or third vacation home, we have the perfect solution. Have you considered a luxury coach home?

If you’re unfamiliar, coach homes (also sometimes called carriage homes) can be the size of a standard single-family home – usually including 2 – 3 bedrooms, a den, and 2 – 2.5 baths. Coach homes also typically include a 1 or 2-car garage. There are typically 4 – 12 units per building.

At Talis Park, we offer home types to fit buyers in all stages of life. Here, we’ll discuss the benefits of buying a luxury coach home in a neighborhood like Talis Park.

Access to Luxury

The luxury home market continues to grow, so whether you buy a luxury single family home or a luxury coach home in Naples, both are likely to be a great investment. However, luxury single family homes in the Talis Park community in Naples are generally in the $3 million to $5 million price range. If this is out of your budget or you’re looking for something that suits your family size better, we encourage you to consider a coach home.

All Talis Park coach homes still come with access to the Vyne House Clubhouse and concierge services as well as similarly gorgeous views as you’ll find in the area’s single-family homes

Lock it and Leave it Lifestyle

One of the great things about owning a coach home is that you don’t have to deal with the maintenance you would on a single-family home. Many people who are looking for luxury homes for sale in Naples love the ease that comes along with coach home ownership. That means when you head out the door, you’ll have very little to worry about other than what adventure you are off to next!

You Become a Part of The Family

Buying a coach home in Talis Park isn’t just a great financial investment, it’s a fantastic social investment too! At Talis Park, our residents have access to amazing social events, fun intimate gatherings, and neighbors with a similar outlook and lifestyle to their own. “The beauty of the community is amazing, but it’s all about the people,” say residents Mark and Denise Zimmer. “We have made wonderful friends and we just love the social life and the people we have met here.”

To learn more about Talis Park’s luxury homes for sale in Naples, contact our luxury home specialists. They would be happy to walk you through the luxury home options in the area and help you decide if buying a coach home in Naples is the right choice for you.