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Top Questions About Naples, Answered

Aug 19, 2022 | Luxury Living

Talis Park - Questions About Naples FL

Once you’ve decided to make the move to the Paradise Coast, a few questions might pop into your mind. What makes the Naples community so special? What is the market like for luxury homes in Naples? What will my retirement be like in this city? Here the answers you need to help you make the move of your dreams!

What Makes Naples Special?

The list of qualities that makes Naples such a special city is a long list, indeed! Naples offers the beautiful blue skies and sandy white beaches that give the Paradise Coast its name. Naples is home to over 80 championship golf courses and is known by many at the Golf Capital of the World. The book “100 Best Art Towns in America” rated Naples as the #1 art town and the area has even been named the best place in America to retire. And that’s just a few of the qualities that make our city so special!

Are There Luxury Homes in Naples for Sale?

The luxury home market is competitive in Naples, however, Talis Park, a luxury golf community in the heart of Naples, is tentatively unveiling brand new luxury coach homes in 2023. Please visit the page linked in the previous sentence to sign up to be the first to know when they’re announced!

What Can I Expect Out of Retirement in Naples?

Retirement in Naples is all about relaxatsion, soaking in the sun, and enjoying great golf, great food, and great friends! At Talis Park, residents can expect great golf at the community’s world-renowned golf course.

As of January 2023, the Talis Park team will be working closely with golf course industry leading experts to develop the most optimal re-grassing plan. While the golf course will be unusable for some time during this re-grassing, we look forward to providing an exceptional golf experience once the re-grassing is complete.

Residents can also relax at the Vyne House clubhouse, get a bite to eat at one of the many fantastic dining options, or take the free shuttle just a few minutes down the road to Vanderbilt Beach.

Ready to begin living your dream retirement in Naples, Florida? Give Talis Park’s luxury home specialists a call to learn more about what this one-of-a-kind community can offer you. We look forward to inviting you into the neighborhood!