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The Top Interior Design Trends in 2023 So Far

May 12, 2023 | Interior Design

interior design

The farmhouse aesthetic is out! However, do you know what’s replacing it in 2023? These 2023 interior design trends are what you need to keep your home up on the latest fashion and decor styles for this year and beyond:

Nature-Inspired Spaces

In 2023, interior design is all about authenticity and one of the best ways to create an authentic feel is with natural, fresh decor. That means visual connections to nature. You can create this with water features, wood or stone decor, greenery on the walls and ceilings, and natural tones. These interior design touches are perfect for bringing you a sense of tranquility and furthering your connection with the natural world.

Luxury Touches

Small luxury statement pieces can bring big changes to a space. 2023 is all about these small touches that make large statements. For example, gold flourishes, heated bathroom flooring, beautiful drapery, and exquisite artwork can be the finishing touches that really make a space pop.

Master Craftsmanship

The homes in Naples neighborhoods like Talis Park are created by master craftsmen. However, to keep up with the latest interior design trends, the interior decor should also be masterfully crafted. Cookie-cutter designs and mass-produced decor are out. Instead, 2023 designs lean toward unique, sustainable, and subtle beauty that turns every piece of furniture and decor into a work of art.

International Excellence

The COVID pandemic wasn’t all bad— it brought with it some wonderful interior design insight! With an inability to travel, many homeowners realized they wanted to bring a taste of the foreign places that they love, into their own homes. As the pandemic retreated, this interior design trend did not and it’s still a top style choice in 2023!

The master-crafted homes in Talis Park embrace the love of the international with Spanish Eclectic and West Indies styles just to name a few. Each home also offers beautiful luxury touches and enhances a homeowner’s connection to nature with sweeping natural views from each and every home. Take a tour of one of the Talis Park homes to see how these properties not only embrace 2023 trends but timeless beauty.