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The Role of Art and Culture in Naples Luxury Real Estate

Jul 15, 2023 | Uncategorized

art and culture

How much of an impact do art and culture have on Naples’ luxury real estate market? You might be surprised to find out just how related art and culture are to Naples’ property values! Here are the specifics:

How Naples’ Culture Affects Luxury Real Estate

Strong communities are intimately tied to strong real estate markets. According to a Bloomberg article on how culture shapes economic development, “Culture is not a mere afterthought or an add-on, but a key contributor to urban economic growth.” For Naples, it is clear that the culture of the city has grown with its real estate market. With every new luxury real estate development comes a new world-class golf course, creative new amenities, and vibrant community activities to meet new neighbors and friends.

How Naples’ Art Scene Affects Luxury Real Estate

From public art to vivacious galleries, Naples’ art scene is thriving. For many, strolling through the various downtown art galleries in Naples’ is a fabulous way to spend an evening or lazy Sunday afternoon. However, the growing art scene does more than bring customers through art gallery doors. Naples’ art scene also affects property values. A British study from the University of Warwick found that with higher proportions of artwork in a city, come higher residential property prices. As art continues to boom in Naples, the real estate market surely will as well!

How Naples’ Architecture Affects Luxury Real Estate

Naples is well known for its architectural beauty. From the gorgeous historic homes in Old Naples to the stunning mansions along water canals in Port Royal to the breathtaking luxury apartments along Vanderbilt Beach, Naples is home to some of America’s most beautiful homes. A study by Modern House found that architect-designed homes sold for 12% more on average than similar homes in the same area. This means the architectural excellence of luxury real estate in Naples’ is surely part of the reason for such a hot real estate market!

What Other Factors Contribute to Naples’ Booming Real Estate Market?

Curious as to what helps Naples’ luxury real estate market boom, even when other areas may not? Naples is the premier place in Florida to buy right now, it has aspects of the “small town” feel but with luxury amenities & conveniences just around the corner! Naples’ luxury real estate is a great investment, no matter when you choose to buy.