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Maximizing Your Luxury Home’s Value: Essential Renovations That Pay Off

Apr 11, 2024 | Uncategorized

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Not all luxury home renovations will increase your home’s return on investment. However, there are some upgrades you can make to luxury homes that usually pay off handsomely! Here are a few examples.

Updating Your Luxury Bathroom

Luxury homes should have spa-like bathrooms. From spacious walk-in showers to luxurious jacuzzi tubs, upgrading your bathroom can make a world of difference in resale. Some renovations can be quick and cheap, like replacing your shower head with a rainfall shower head. Other renovations, like replacing a tub with a walk-in shower may be more labor intensive but to give a bathroom a luxury feel, are almost always worth the cost.

Upgrade Your Kitchen

Kitchens in luxury homes can tend to look outdated quickly. Chances are if your kitchen hasn’t been updated in a decade, it’s starting to look more dated than luxurious. Upgrading appliances, adding smart-home features, painting the walls, and replacing flooring can all be important steps in making your kitchen look up to date. Hardwood floors are a great flooring choice if your home doesn’t already have them. Countertops should ideally be quartz, marble, or granite.

Stepping Up Your Landscaping

A beautifully landscaped property is one of the best ways to improve your luxury home’s value. Captivating water features, well-maintained shrubbery, beautiful local blooms, and tasteful gardens can all quickly up your return on investment when you sell a home. The National Association of Realtors (NAR) says you can expect a 104% return on investment with great landscaping maintenance!

Adding Outdoor Living Space

In a luxury home market like Southwest Florida, outdoor living space is key. Any luxury home should offer outdoor living space that’s just as luxurious as indoor living space. Upgrades you may want to consider include luxurious outdoor kitchens, upgraded outdoor lighting, creating multiple patio levels, expanding your current pool, or adding in new firepits.

Ask A Realtor for Their Opinion

Local realtors in the Naples area have invaluable insights into the luxury amenities and features that homebuyers commonly seek. If you’re contemplating renovating your luxury home prior to listing it, it’s essential to partner with a trustworthy and compatible realtor. They will gladly offer guidance and advice to help you maximize the potential of your renovation projects before showcasing your property on the market.