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Living a Healthy Lifestyle at Talis Park

Jul 15, 2022 | Luxury Living

People cycling inside a fitness center inside Talis Park Naples FL

When you are looking for luxury homes for sale in Naples, it’s important to find somewhere that inspires you to be your best, healthiest self! At Talis Park, we take living a healthy lifestyle seriously. We also understand that there is no better way to live a healthy, happy life than to make doing so as easy as possible. Here is how Talis Park makes living a healthy lifestyle a seamless part of your daily routine.

Supporting An Active Lifestyle Through Enjoyable Activities

It’s hardly fair to force your body into doing something it doesn’t like doing each and every day for the sake of your health. Instead, find ways to stay active that also keep you happy! For example, at Talis Park, you’ll hardly realize you are getting a workout on the golf course as you immerse yourself in the course, focus in on your swing, and admire the beauty of the 133 acres of manicured turf resembling a course set in the valleys of Tuscany, Italy.

In addition to our amazing golf course, Talis Park also offers 3 fitness facilities with group exercises and personal trainers available. You’ll also find miles of walkable and bikeable trails, which will guide you through the amazing greenery and beautiful landscape (make sure to wave and say hello to passersby!).

Offering Dining So Delicious, You Forget It’s Healthy

A large part of maintaining a healthy lifestyle is eating a well-balanced diet. The nutritionists at Talis Pak’s health and wellness center would be happy to give you tips for keeping your body in prime condition. Plus, the delicious dining at Talis Park offers healthy options you are sure to fall in love with. Fiona’s Cafe offers amazing healthy breakfast options and the Casa Cortese Grille and Vyne House offer a wide array of nutritious options for lunch and dinner.

Increasing Mental Wellness Through Relaxation

When you find a luxury home for sale in Naples, note how relaxed you feel in the community and the homes themselves. Talis Park has created a community that thrives on mental wellness through relaxation. The quietness on the golf course, the pampering at Espirit Spa, and the open floor concepts of our homes all promote wellness through relaxation.

Start Living a Healthier Lifestyle Today

It’s time to start living your healthiest, best life! And you are just in time— we’ll be unveiling new high-end condos that will provide direct access to our Vyne House Clubhouse soon! To learn more about our luxury homes for sale in Naples and see the health benefits of living at Talis Park for yourself, give us a call or drop us a line.