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Interior Design Trends Perfect for Condo and Coach Home Living

Jun 07, 2021 | Luxury Living

Interior of a livingroom with white walls, white couched, and blue accent decor

2020 highlighted the significance of making a home feel like a sanctuary, and we’re seeing that reflected in the most popular interior design trends of 2021. The minimalist aesthetic of the last decade has taken a back seat to cozy, colorful, lived-in spaces that reflect the owner’s personality. Goodbye clean lines and Scandinavian design, 2021 is all about luxurious interiors, earth tones, and house plants, and a maximalist mixing of colors, patterns, and textures. At Talis Park, luxury condos and coach homes are elegant, modern, and ideal spaces for experimenting with your personal style. Below are our favorite condo and coach home interior design trends for 2021.

Luxurious Interiors

Everything old is new again, and Art Deco and 1920s glamor are back in a big way. Talis Park condos and coach homes are perfectly suited to the glamorous revival trend. Velvet couches, brass hardware, gilded mirrors, and cashmere throws are playful ways to add warmth, elegance, and a touch of opulence to the home.


Maximalism is the ideal trend for homeowners who love to mix and match design styles. Play with contrasting patterns, bold wallpapers, or mix large-scale wall decor with small-scale decorative details to add layers to your design. Maximalism encourages self-expression and storytelling. Antiques from different eras, dark floral patterns, and stained woods are popular elements to incorporate with bold wallpapers, print fabrics, and beloved personal objects collected over one’s lifetime. Instead of sticking to one style, maximalism is about combining all the things you love into a vibrant yet cohesive look that allows your personality to shine through.

House Plants and Nature-Inspired Colors

If you prefer a more subdued aesthetic, earth tones and calm ocean hues are another major design trend for 2021. Warm browns and greens add a rich, comforting feel to the home. There’s a reason Urbane Bronze is Sherwin Williams’ Color of the Year. Use potted house plants to add vibrancy and color to nature-inspired décor. Incorporating sustainable materials and antiques in place of new furniture is another way to “Green” up your home. If you prefer a calm, coastal palette, Benjamin Moore’s Color of the Year 2021 is Aegean Teal. Soft or inky blues work wonderfully in luxury condos and coach homes, offering a relaxing, airy alternative to earth tones for outdoor-inspired interiors.

2021 design trends are all about balancing comfort and personality in your home. Whether you prefer a touch of drama, shabby chic-inspired furniture or calming neutral tones, Talis Park condos and coach homes provide the perfect canvas for personal artistic expression.