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From Romania to Talis Park: An Interview with New Resident Stella Moga-Kennedy

Aug 18, 2021 | Luxury Living

Talis Park Entrance

Talis Park offers a distinct living experience, where residents enjoy beautifully designed homes, resort-style amenities, and exciting community events. It is the residents, however, that make Talis Park even more extraordinary. The people are warm and welcoming, the atmosphere is invigorating, and residents feel that Talis Park’s sense of community is unmatched.

Recently we spent time with Stella Moga-Kennedy, a Talis Park resident of only 2 months. Stella has already fallen in love with the community’s youthful spirit and active lifestyle. An entrepreneur and real estate investor, Stella was so impressed with Talis Park’s beautiful homes and premier amenities that she decided to invest in additional properties in the community as well: “I sold my business and invested the money in many properties, including Talis Park. I bought three penthouses and one I occupy. I love the community. I had the choice to be in many places, but I really was very happy with Talis Park. Everything is so amazing.”

The neighbors have made Stella feel right at home, and she’s impressed by the kind, interesting people Talis Park attracts. In addition to her neighbors, Stella also appreciates the thoughtful design of the neighborhood, from its beautiful landscape to its expansive amenities that include everything from fitness and recreational activities to fine dining at Vyne House. “It’s very convenient to have everything close by,” Stella says. “The restaurants, the gym, the pool. Everybody’s very accommodating, very nice. The restaurant has very good service, very good food, and we are welcome all the time.” Stella also shared that the neighborhood’s beautiful golf course and sports facilities have inspired her to take up golf and tennis.

While new to Talis Park, Stella and her husband have spent many years in Naples. Previously she bought a house in a neighboring community but made the move to Talis Park because she loves its accessibility and premier amenities. Stella and her husband live in a Penthouse Home on Viansa Way, where they enjoy their beautiful views of the water and golf course.

A tremendously successful entrepreneur and published author, Stella has a fascinating story. She moved to the United States from Romania and eventually saved enough money to start an early childhood education center. “I started with 3 children in a basement of a church with no money, no English.”

Over her 40-year career, her business expanded from one program to 12 schools. Having recently sold her business, she is thankful every day for her journey. “I pinch myself that I got here, coming from the airport in New York with no money,” she shares. “I am the American Dream that started from nothing and believed in America.”

Stella and her family currently split their time between Talis Park and their home in Ohio, but they are excited to become full-time Talis Park residents. “We go back and forth because we have some things to do in Ohio, but we plan to definitely become full time residents here [in Talis Park] soon.” She and her husband are eager to settle into life at Talis Park, explore the neighborhood and meet new people, and attend future social events. “My husband is very excited,” Stella shared. “As a matter of fact, he didn’t want to come back to Ohio. He said, ‘I’m staying, you go!’”

When you visit Talis Park, it’s clear that residents share an enthusiasm for living that permeates every aspect of the community and enhances the luxurious lifestyle Talis Park affords. New residents like Stella and her family are welcomed with open arms, and quickly find that between its beautifully-designed homes, resort-style amenities, and friendly environment, Talis Park offers a lifestyle like no other.