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Environmental Features in Talis Park

Oct 25, 2023 | Property Details

Watercourse golf course view

When developing the Talis Park community, emphasis was put on reducing the environmental impact during and after construction. Here are just a few of the environmental features that Talis Park is proud to showcase:


When everything you need is at your fingertips, there is far less reason to drive. Talis Park is proud to support environmental sustainability through walkability! Great food, world-class golf, relaxing spa treatments, and more are all within walking distance for Talis Park residents. Environmental features like wide sidewalks, shady tree cover, and large open spaces make walking an enticing activity for all Talis Park homeowners.

Sustainable Golfing

Keeping a golf course green can require quite a lot of water. However, when creating the fairways of the Talis Park golf course— designers Greg Norman and Pete Dye kept environmental sustainability in mind. The course uses innovative environmental features like TifEagle grass. TifEagle is known for its heat and disease resistance, making it a resilient choice in golf course environments. Additionally, TifEagle exhibits drought tolerance and can conserve water, making it an attractive option for sustainable golf course management.

Water Conservation and Preservation of Natural Features

Talis Park is committed to environmental stewardship through a multifaceted approach. This includes water conservation efforts involving the implementation of water-efficient landscaping practices; and innovative irrigation systems, which utilize drought-tolerant plantings to minimize water usage. Simultaneously, the community places a strong emphasis on the preservation of the land’s natural features, diligently safeguarding mature trees and native vegetation to maintain ecological diversity. These combined efforts underscore Talis Park’s dedication to sustainable and environmentally responsible practices.

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