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As captivating as ever

Apr 17, 2020 | Category News

Fountain in Tails Park

Whether it’s a walk or run along perfectly manicured streets, a bike ride through picturesque landscapes or simply quiet reflection in nature, Talis Park invites you to continue enjoying this extraordinary community while keeping an appropriate distance from others. Because while much has changed, some wonderful things haven’t.

In the heart of paradise, sweeping vistas and stunning design surround you. Parks, gardens, lakes and fountains glisten under the Florida sun. Trailheads lead you to the gorgeous outdoors. Serene and magnificent, the setting makes a lasting impression.

Talis Park provides a unique vibe and active lifestyle loved by residents. So even during this time, when it might be harder to feel connected to people, this truly walkable and bikeable community makes it easy to feel deeply connected to your surroundings. See for yourself, and enjoy the beauty of Talis Park.